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The Justin White Band was formed in December of 2022. They played their first show in February 2023 and have been playing in every bar, honky tonk, and straight up live music venue in the Kansas City metro that they could since then. 

JWB is known for playing a wide array of music from hundred year old bluegrass tunes to hard rock to old school and brand new country. They like to showcase the musicianship of each member whenever possible and aren't afraid to add an 8 minute guitar duel or a drum solo to the live performance of a song. 

Their lead singer Justin White released an acoustic version of their song Wild Horses in late August 2023 on all streaming platforms. The band is  currently working on putting together an album that will be released as a series of singles throughout 2024. 

Two of JWB's acoustic releases - Wild Horses and I Lost You have topped the ReverbNation country charts and continue to be selected for various country playlists on the platform. 

The brand new single "Hillbilly Way" is set to release on May 10th.

"Great raw music, wonderful vocals, all with a message. I like it!"” - L Denton Country Gentleman

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